Monday, 13 May 2013

Albstadt, Germany - XCO Track Description + Gallery

I arrived in Germany at 9am today. My EVOC bike bag was great and made transport so much easier!

Stuttgart, Germany Airport

After a forty minute drive to Nehren, we decided to go check out the track in Albstadt. I haven't put the bike together yet and I'm pretty shattered from the 36 hours of travel so decided to walk the track. Cant wait to get out tomorrow to ride it!

The first thing I saw was a large wooden bridge. Looks like great fun but unfortunately it's closed until training.

At first I was surprised at how chilled the track was looking until I looked at it from this angle. What goes up must come down!

While walking the track we got some pretty good photos showing the rocky, slippery and rooty terrain we'll be racing in.

Small Quick Rock Garden
Slippery Downhill Section

 I watched as a couple of riders dropped into the downhills. The track started to look really fun after that!

A section that really appealed to me was a straight, but rough rock garden section with a few small drops:
Photo from the top
Looking back up at the drops/rocks

Another interesting section was a drop into a steep slippery chute. This looks pretty chilled but the bottom section is slippery sludge and mud:
Looking up at the drop from mid-chute
Full drop, chute and corner at bottom

For a better view of the images, click them and they'll enlarge.

Now that I'm in Europe, I'll be posting regularly with updates and photos of what we're up to.



  1. Looks scary Simon, have fun but be safe! Look forward to the updates.

  2. omg thats a mean track!! lucky ducky!

  3. Looks like the Epic will be the right weapon of choice. Good luck with the training rides and race.

  4. woop woop go Simon!
    from ching

  5. Great pics Simon. Just start out at 100% and gradually work into it from there! Andrew