Monday, 6 May 2013

Four Days Till Europe

In four days time, I will be heading away for my overseas trip. I've been training and working toward this trip being the best first cycling adventure it can be. I have had so much support from everyone for this trip and I'm so grateful for it all, so thank you!

My bike was fully serviced today by Ricoh in iRide Wellington and I couldn't be happier with it!

I'm happy the trip is just starting as the weather here in Wellington has just turned cold. On the last good day that I was up Mount Victoria I got a few photos of the city:

Feel free to comment or ask me anything!


  1. Bro, I knew you'd be racing World Cupsat some point! Have fun and go haul ass! -Beichen

  2. knew you were gonna get up there si, you're truly amazing for your age and always have been. You deserve this more than anything, cane up bro! good luck sweets