Sunday, 26 May 2013

Nové Město, Czech Republic - Race Report

This race has proven to be more enjoyable than last week and I found it easier to get on the bike and race. This is due to better nutrition, sleep and attitude. After watching the U23 Women and Junior Women I knew this race was going to be tough and if I wanted to improve on last week, there is going to be very little recovery time on the downhills. It all payed off and I got a much more desirable result than last week.

I started in around the sixth row, meaning I was going to have to be super aggressive but patient at the same time. I had mentally prepared and had run through what I want the start to look like.

My start was solid and I was sticking two thirds of the way back in the pack. As we rushed off into the start loop, being mainly 4WD track, I managed to pass a few more riders.

We reached the top of the climb, heading into the single track and I was sitting comfortably in about 80th position. Throughout the downhill back down to the event center, I passed a few riders and came over the line in 76th. The downhills were super fast and I had to be completely focused as so much could go wrong.

Now that the field had split up I was prepared to give it my all to hold my position, if not gain a few more places. Throughout that lap I managed to gain 13 places. I was enjoying the ride and high pace.

At the end of the 3rd and 4th laps I came through in 64th place. The pace raised and we started throwing sprints on the last lap. I sprinted too early on the 4wd while in a group of about 6 riders and a couple managed to pass me on the last climb. A few riders crashed on the final descent as the pace so raised so high.

I improved on last weeks result by over thirty positions gaining a solid 69th place.

Saw this just after my race finishing in 69th position

I'm pleased with my result as my second ever World Cup Race and I cant wait to do another one. I'm so stoked that I was able to come over and compete as this was a great experience. Super stoked with the other Kiwi riders results - Well done Dirk Peters with a solid 13th in U23 men.

Off home to New Zealand on Monday with two days in Paris. Looking forward to getting stuck into my training for the upcoming NZ season.

Watching Junior and U23 Women while chilling with this guy


  1. Well done Simon, very proud of you - Heather.

  2. 69? you make everything sound erotic. Made NZ proug G? we should fuking hang when u get bak!