Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nové Město, Czech Republic - XCO Photos

We arrived here in Czech Republic on Monday afternoon. After a long 7 hour drive, we decided to get out for a walk and see the track. Looking fast and technical in places, with some decent climbs, I was excited about riding it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I got back out and did some more riding in the iRide Skin-suit. It's good to see some Kiwis out there shredding the track too. Samara Sheppard - Thanks for showing me the start lap !

Don't tell Ricoh the mechanic but I overshot some jumps (by about 6 feet) on the XC bike
"Vertical Drop" Feature
Expert Climb 2 - Technical rooty and rocky climb
Rock n' Roll - Awkward but fun to ride
End of Rock n' Roll
Rubena Choice - Toughest, rockiest downhill
End of Rubena Choice


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