Friday, 14 June 2013

One Year and Ten Months Racing

It has been one year and 10 months since my first XCO race. This seems so overwhelming seeing as I have raced all over New Zealand AND overseas. I have raced 10 PNP rounds, 9 National rounds, 2 National Championships, 5 Road races, 2 PNP Club Championships, 2 Karapoti 50kms, 1 Huka Challenge and 2 World Cup rounds all in the previous year and ten months.

Not to mention I have only been training for the past 9 months. I feel that with how much I have improved in the short amount of time I've been training, I still have a lot more to offer.
Not every race I have done has been perfect. I've had a lot of issues, mechanicals and nutritional problems but I aim to fix them and improve on the last race over and over again.

Ive updated the blog and some of my info a bit so check it all out!

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