Monday, 1 July 2013

Wellington Storm Damage

Recently, the storm that hit New Zealand was pretty brutal. Here in Wellington I was expecting a few small trees to have fallen down but it was a lot worse.

Volunteers from all over Wellington have put in so much effort to get the tracks and walkways back into usable condition.  Our local tracks built by several people including Ben Brough, Eden Cruise, Nick Roose and myself have been damaged too.

Before and after at pines.     Rider: Ben Brough

Over 100 trees have fallen down over our tracks but luckily we still have about 50 seconds of the main track used in the PNP Belmont race. We lost all of the cross country track and some of the jumps line. More photos to come.

However, instead of thinking negatively about this, we've decided to use it to our advantage and improve the tracks with all the wood and rock. More technical climbs and descents are to come! We've already started digging and making the most of The Pines before it gets milled/logged in 2 months.

Good luck to all those out there clearing the debris and trees around Wellington and everywhere else. Makara Bike Park is clear and "Looking all spanky" - Ricky Pincott. Cheers Ricky and crew! The support from so many people to get everything back to normal is amazing, Well Done!

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