Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Broken !

During a training ride last Sunday (11th of August) I managed to break my ankle. I don't have a cool story behind it. Just put my foot down on a root (not even a crash) and it rolled inward and up. I felt a pop and snap. Then as I tried to move, the bones in my foot felt as if they were crunching together.

This was then followed by a struggle out of the bush alone. I had to hop on my good leg, down to the four wheel drive track with my bike. Then I rode for about 1km out to the van. A short drive home with my left leg followed which was interesting!

Here is my week full of hospital visits and increasingly bad news.

Hospital Visit #1: I didn't think it was broken and the X-rays showed it not broken too. I was told that my ankle had some torn soft tissue and that I should wear a moon boot for at least a week then I should be able to do some light training or get on the wind trainer the following week. I was alright with that as one week off isn't too much in the long run.
Healing Time: 1 week.

Hospital Visit #2: This visit was with a sports doctor who had seen a lot of ankle problems before. She told me she wasn't happy with the original X-rays as there could be something else wrong. I got X-rays that day and was waiting for the call with the results. She also told me I have a grade 2 sprain of the deltoid ligament.
Healing Time: 2 weeks.

Hospital Visit #3: We got the call that I had fractured my talus (weight bearing ankle bone). I had a cast put on and was told 4 weeks minimum until its off.
Healing Time: 4 weeks.

Hospital Visit #4/5: I had a CT scan on Monday then had the results explained to me on Tuesday. I have now been told I need an operation. They will screw the bone fragment back on to my talus and I will need 6 weeks in a cast + 6 weeks recovery time.
Healing Time: 6-12 weeks.

Here I am, just over a week after the injury and it has changed from being 1 week to 6 weeks healing time. I am disappointed with all the different stories I have heard about it. Hopefully this is the final mark and I can get fixed and onto recovery before the upcoming national series.

I can't wait to get back out smashing it on both the road and mountain bike. Lets hope I have a better year leading into the 2015 season. I cant thank everyone enough for the support and concern. iRide Wellington has been great and super supportive too!

Lets hope it only gets better from here on!

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  1. sorry to hear bro, hope u make a full recovery super soon