Thursday, 8 August 2013

Road Racing and Trail Building

The weather hasn't been great lately but I've still been out racing, training and digging.

I managed to do some road racing last weekend in Te Horo as a part of B-grade. A 60km flat race doesn't suit me that much but I put in the effort and most of all, had fun! I managed to make a break with two others in the last 15 minutes. We quickly dropped one of the riders in the break which made it tougher but we stuck it out to the end. After gapping the main group even more towards the finish I had a solid 2nd place.

The Pines is still having the most made of it before getting logged. Eden and I recently made a new cross country descent. Several drops, rocks and berms all make the track technical and fun. Remember to get up to the pines soon if you're local as it's getting logged in about 2 months!

Small sections of new XC descent.
Small sections of new XC descent.

Cheers all for the continuous support!

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