Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cross Country National Championships - Rotorua

First proper race back since breaking myself! I had so much fun and it was awesome to catch up with everyone again.

Pain face on after first lap!

I knew I didn't have too much in the legs for this race so I decided to smash it from the start, have fun and see how long I can hold on to the pace. I had an awesome dusty and drifty first lap with lots of attacks as the group spread out along the technical track. My second and third laps felt good but then I started to lose the pace. Lost two places and lots of time as legs just couldn't hold up. I still managed to finished though!

Thanks Phillippa Skeet for this photo!

Pre-race mini photoshoot with Wayne Jones-Nevrilk. More photos from race day at

Of course Sam Gaze and Anton Cooper were up the front battling it out making the spectating even more amazing. Those two have worked so hard and continue to out-do the expectations of everyone. It was good to be back racing, especially with some of the top guys in the world. Well done to Sam for the days win!

Cooper and Gaze testing each other up the front

This race was a great opportunity to identify my weaknesses both up and downhill after breaking my ankle. 15th place in Elite Men isn't perfect but I am happy with that result after a 5 month block of nothing. 

The new bike was awesome! My new kit thanks to Specialized New Zealand and iRide went well with the bike and felt great.

So keen to catch up with all the guys again and thanks to everyone who turned up to the race (despite the hike up to the start). You made the day even better!

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