Sunday, 2 March 2014

Karapoti 2014 Race Report

This year, Karapoti was a lot different for me. I was unable to do the 50km Classic due to the risk of injuring my ankle again so I did the 20km Challenge.

Started with the classic river crossing where I managed to get through with the first few competitors. After I mounted I was away. I attacked from the start expecting someone to join but after a quick glimpse at the field behind me I had already gained a massive gap.

Solid start in the river!

I held the pace high as I entered the rocky gorge section and it wasn't until 4km in that I started catching the end of the 50km riders. Weaving my way through the riders I finally got to the section where the 50km riders and 20km riders split. The first decent climb was solid but passed by much quicker than expected.

I continued on alone on the loop until I got back to where there is two way traffic. Got a bit gnarly from here on. I had to keep the pace high in order to beat the 20km record but make my way through the oncoming riders headed up for their loop. I was relieved to know the last 6km should be rider-free and all downhill.

I was feeling strong as I came out of the gorge and back on to the road toward the main river and finish. Some of the marshals seemed surprised to see me out of the bush so early though! I had a good river crossing with no falls (luckily).

It was crazy to find out I had beat the record by 1:20 over the 20km. I had also placed first by 12 minutes which was just as crazy!

I had so much fun in this race and made the most of not being able to do the 50km. I can only do what my ankle is allowing me to do so this race was a good little test. Feeling good and happy to be slowly coming back!

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