Monday, 30 June 2014

Huttcross Round 3 - Moonshine Park

After a glandular fever scare and a bit of wet fun on the bike, I managed to turn up and race at the Huttcross Cyclocross race this weekend. Andy and the boys managed to sort out a great course with a lot of running and off camber sections. It was the most fun cyclocross track I've ridden so far.

It seemed like a good idea to race on my mountain bike until I saw the muddy course. The cross guys seemed to cut through the mud and my near bald Fast Traks slid across the top (this made it so much more fun!). I had an alright start and gained a few positions until I got into about 3rd or 4th. It was great to be up there with Dave Sharpe and a few other Top Guns. I held this position right through to the finish.  Brendon Sharratt was smashing it out there! One or two more short laps and he would have lapped nearly everyone.
Thanks Mike Molony for the photo and thanks to iRider Johnny Barnes for the last lap.

One of the best parts of the day was seeing all the iRiders at the race. Keep it up guys!

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