Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Crux Experience

I managed to borrow a Crux for the cyclocross this weekend in Waikanae. I was worried as I had never ridden a cross bike. Still, I stuck to it and raced for my first time on a Crux.

The start was interesting and we had a solid straight run to sort the riders out before the real stuff began. I had a quick fall but managed to mount back up and not loose any time. Not late after, Calum and I broke away and he held the pace high with several attacks every lap. As he was a strong runner, I had to have my game on every time we had to run the steps or barriers.

I managed to sit on Calum's tail for nearly the whole race (to my surprise). After hearing that I was about to enter the last lap, I decided to attack. I passed him about 30 seconds in to the 4 minute lap. He put on a show and stuck himself to the fencing after trying to get me off the bike. It was a good laugh! He was stuck to the fence for about 5 seconds and I opened the gap by a further 3 seconds to the finish. I am happy to finish in 1st in my first cross race on a cross bike!

We got everyone to do a chilled warm-down lap and it really finished the day in good spirit. Thanks everyone for turning up and being so supportive!

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