Monday, 26 October 2015

Not All About Cycling - Work, Money and Commitments

I thought it would be about time I answered to everyone who has asked me the following:
- "Are you still riding?"
- "Have you been racing?"
- "Have you stopped biking?"

It's not quite as simple as it seems to explain!

1. I have been riding, just not very much unfortunately. I would love to be riding more and more but I have come to realise that I need to sort out a few things from the past and for the future. We don't need to go into detail but it's getting there!

2. I haven't been racing. One of the most recent races I did was the Hutt City Crazyman. While it seemed like a good idea, it really wasn't. I had an amazing kayaker (Kurtis Imrie) and a very fit runner (Laura Robertson). During this race, I had several problems. All of them were self inflicted though so nobody to blame but myself!
I had a great start when Kurtis came through first and I held that lead until mid-way up the first hill (a killer!). By then, I had bonked and felt like crap.
I held the pace as long as I can until I woke up on the ground (twice).
After feinting for the second time, I knew I needed to back off. So I did.
Rider after rider came past me and while I was pushing so hard, they hardly even seemed to be trying. By the time I got to the finish, I was pretty well gone and for some reason went away in an ambulance with Phillippa.
They said that because I had been recently sick, my body was still trying to fight off the illness. As I was pushing myself while my body wasn't 100%, things took their toll.

After all of that, I spoke to my parents, mates, colleagues and girlfriend. The guys at Iride have always been so supportive and all banter aside, they've given me some of the best advice ever. It was time I backed off racing and just had some fun without the pressure.

3. As I stated before, I haven't stopped biking! I never will! I love the sport and everyone within the cycling community. I will always support my friends and family with their cycling because I know it has done such good for me.

Earlier this year, I started my own business and I had a crazy amount of support from everyone! It started off just mowing lawns and pulling weeds but as my goals started to expand, it very quickly became something bigger. There is always going to be pressure when starting something like this but being me, I enjoy the challenge and I think it makes me work harder.

I know that as I get older, I must become less reliant on 'the olds' and become more self sufficient. So thats where I'm headed!

Also, very proud of Phillippa for her Silver Medal in one of the PNP rounds and for smashing it up the Wainuiomata Hill!

We're hoping to get up north this summer and have some fun in Rotorua, Taupo and Auckland on the bikes. Like always, we couldn't be any happier with our precious bikes.

I hope this answers some of the questions and gives people a better insight into what's going on in my life.

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