Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Breakup & Training For An Ironman??

After a long time of sharing our lives together, Phillippa and I have parted company. I felt like Phillippa had distanced herself from me for a short period. I was hurt by the things she did to cause the breakup but that is in the past and we have both taken the appropriate steps to move on.

This threw my life into turmoil as not only were we in a relationship for ~3 years, but we were also business partners and had been planning to travel together in 2017. It also attacked me on a personal level; I never saw it coming, and to this day, still don't know what caused her sudden change in heart.

2016 Specialized Tarmac - New Road Steed!

With that aside, I have never been so happy with my choice in friends, decisions and outlook on life. 

Over the past 5 months, I have expanded my social base 10x. The time I have spent with friends and extended family around the country has been amazing and I never realised life could be like this.

Recently, I decided an Ironman would be a good idea. I know for a fact that an Ironman would place me in a world of hurt. However, the person I am, seeks that level of complete physical and mental exertion. 

Swimming 3.8km, cycling 180km followed by a 42km run is not a target I expect to be able to complete (in a decent time) in the near future. However, I know it is achievable. My main focus at the moment is to get my health back up to point and keep it there as it has definitely held me back.

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